Gangue grinder features and application technology

Time: 2015-01-26

Raymond because of its simple structure, stable performance, durability and other series of advantages, the majority of users. And feel free to technology, but also have developed Raymond Raymond gangue, coal mill, shale mill, metal slag machines, milling machines and other slag, however, in recent years, due to the different angles research, gradually developed new models. Especially the emergence of new materials have been developed a number of higher performance, more efficient mill.


1. Raymond classification, characteristics and application of technology


Raymond crushed material there are many. Depending on the shape and composition of materials can be divided into wet material crushing, grinding dry material, hard material crushing, wet and dry material while crushing, grinding frozen material.


2. Raymond Mill Characteristics


(1) pair of hydrous materials can wear, and the production process is not blocked, fineness.
(2) noise generated when the shredder material is greatly reduced, and the device is running very smooth body, no need to install the foundation.
(3) from the roller mill ring the material broken into small particles and then through the ground into a fine powder.
(4) hanging device using the new oil lubrication, durable and less time and effort.
(5) This device incorporates squirrel frequency analysis techniques, the material can be freely controlled device size, make the production more humane.


3. coal Raymond application technology

Raymond common gangue material can be broken there, two-stage rock, slag, shale, slag, cement, river gravel, iron ore, limestone and so many building materials industry and other industries, can not crush the material more here continue to introduce, welcome all our friends to come to our factory, study test machine