Raymond mill process characteristics

Time: 2015-01-26

Over the years, the master of ultra-fine powder processing technology equipment, people on these issues thorough technological innovation. In the use of traditional Raymond machine, we found that in the processing of calcite Raymond class ore, 325 heads of 10um slag contains large amounts of ultra-fine mineral powder, if you can isolate and expand production, will greatly improve efficiency. For this reason a large number of structures for Raymond renovation:


Host the traditional way has been improved, the spindle and plum frame were conducive to the stability of structural transformation, keep it running smoothly.


Center no swing. The traditional part of the analysis machine towed by the cavity, the cavity to drive the rotation of external cavity hanging two isolated, thus increasing the stability of its work, durability. In the crush zone unit causing the material to be milled is always gathered in the grind area for effective processing, improve the grinding efficiency, we are also on the roller structure has been updated so that the grinding roller and grinding rollers can be complementary operation. In the rotation while also revolve. So efficacy and greater durability. And can work under greater grinding force and higher operating speed. In the ventilation section, bellows duct by the original horizontal bottom tilted 30 degrees to the center to form a bucket-shaped, ensuring bellows, air duct is always smooth without clogging, which always maintain the required amount of wind, the host milling at high efficiency. In the design of the entire system, from the traditional two collection to four collection. Twelve were collected by vacuum locked loop style collection, no dust overflow, 34 were collected using a controlled overflow wet and dry series collection, eliminate dust overflow. While collecting the entire system to ultra-fine powder, to prevent or reduce pollution of the surrounding environment.


The new machine using the above Raymond can calcite, dolomite, talc, kaolin, barite, rutile, fluorite and other non-metallic mineral ultrafine grinding. Proven chosen feed size of 25mm calcite grinding, when the fineness was adjusted to 1250 mesh (10um), the output can reach 450kg / h, while the input power need only 23kw. Having significantly more than the traditional Raymond high price.