Artificial sand making machine purpose and principle

Time: 2015-01-26

This series of artificial sand making machine is suitable for soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials crushing, plastic, widely used in a variety of ores, cement, refractories, aluminum where the soil clinker, emery, glass raw materials, mechanism building sand, stone and various metallurgical slag, especially for silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite, the US high sand hard, special hard and abrasion resistance material is higher than other types of crusher production efficiency.


In the engineering field, is sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate ideal production equipment.


In the mining industry, widely used in the preceding grinding process, it can produce large amounts of iron ore fines, reducing the high cost of grinding load.


Since this series of artificial sand making machine excellent low wear characteristics, the device for high abrasion and secondary crushing disintegration of production used. In addition, because of the zero-pollution products, impact crusher function well adapted to the production of glass quartz sand and other high purity material, 10-500t / h production capacity, impact crusher can meet almost any production requirement.


Artificial sand making machine works


Material from the hopper into the sand making machine, the sub-feeder the material is divided into two parts, sub-feeder from middle to high-speed rotation of the impeller, and is rapidly accelerated in the impeller, its up to several hundred times the acceleration of gravity, and then at a rate of 60-70 m / s projectile from the impeller flow channel in three out of uniform, the first part of the material with the impact of the feeder surrounded by falling broken self-closing, and then went to the impact of the vortex branch cavity lining materials is lining material rebound oblique impact on the top of the whirl chamber, but also to change its direction of motion, deflected downward movement, rotation Road materials emitted from the leaves to form a continuous material curtain. Such a material in the whirl crushing cavity by two or even several times the probability of impact, friction and grinding crushing effect. The material to be broken by the lower row of the discharge port. In breaking down the whole process, the material on their own mutual impact crusher, not in direct contact with the metal components, but the impact of the occurrence and lining materials, friction and grinding, which reduces the angle of pollution, to extend the mechanical wear and tear of time. Whirl ingenious internal cavity airflow from the circulation, eliminating the dust pollution.