Artificial sand making machine structures

Time: 2015-01-26

Artificial sand making machine from the hopper, feeder points, seven parts whirl crushing cavity, impeller body, spindle assembly, chassis, transmissions and motors and other components.


1. hopper


Hopper structure for an inverted bevel (or cylinder), the inlet wear ring settings, from the incoming feeding equipment through to the hopper into the crusher.


2. The sub-feeder


Sub-feeder installed in the upper whirl crushing chamber, sub-feeder from hopper role is to triage incoming, so that part of the material through the center of the feeding tube directly into the impeller is gradually accelerated to a high speed projectile out, so another from the outside the central part of the material feeding tube into the outer side of the bypass whirl crushing cavity of the impeller, is out from the impeller speed projectile material impact crusher, without increasing power consumption, increase production capacity, improve crushing efficiency.


3. Eddy crushing chamber


Eddy crushing cavity structure shape, the annular space under the two cylinders composed eddy broken impeller rotating at high speed in the cavity, whirl crushing cavity can reside materials, forming materials lining material crushing process whirl crushing cavity occurs, the crushing effect by lining material whirl broken wall separated, so crushing effect solely between materials, played the role of wearable self lining. Observation hole is observed emission impeller wear and abrasion resistant vortex mouth moving blocks on top of the crushing chamber liner wear, holes must be sealed off to observe strict crusher work. Sub-feeder fixed in the upper cylindrical section whirl crushing chamber. High-speed rotation of the impeller flow in eddy crushing cavity through the feeder, the formation of an internal impeller from the circulation system.


4. impeller


Impeller made from special material a hollow cylinder, mounted on the upper end of the spindle assembly shaft head, passed away with conical sleeve button and key connection, high-speed rotation of the impeller is a key element hx vertical impact crusher. Material from the impeller into the central portion of the feeder tube into the center of the impeller. By cloth cone impeller center will even assign materials to the various emission impeller flow channel, the transmit channel outlet, equipped with wearable pieces made of special materials that can be replaced. Impeller materials accelerated to 60-75m / s speed projectile out the impact of the eddy crushing cavity lining materials, make a strong self crushed between a cone mounted on the cap and wear blocks downstream channel plate, protection impeller from wear and tear.


5. spindle assembly


Spindle assembly mounted on the base to transfer the rotational motion of the motor via the V-belt came the impetus and support impeller. Spindle assembly by bearing, spindle, bearings and other components.


6. Base


Whirl crushing chamber, spindle assembly, motor, transmission devices are installed in the bottom sit, the base structure and shape, the central prism space for four, four prism center space for mounting the spindle assembly, discharge channel formed on both sides. Dual motor mounted on the base both longitudinal ends, the base may be mounted on the carriage, may be mounted directly on the foundation.


7. gearing


Single motor or dual motor drive belt drive mechanism (75kw or more, for dual-motor drive), dual-motor drive two motors are mounted on both sides of the spindle assembly, two motors and spindle pulleys connected by a belt pulley on both sides of the spindle the balance of power, no additional torque.


8. Bracket


Depending on the crusher in the workplace - outdoor or indoor work job, you can not configure consider configuring stand or bracket.


9. lubrication system


Mobil Super Car centralized grease lubrication, lubrication of the upper bearing spindle assembly and lower bearing two, for the convenience oiling, lead to the outside of the machine with a hose for fuel pump on a regular basis.