Raymond broader pulse dust collector

Time: 2015-01-26

  In recent years, the state of environmental management is very strict, especially in industry and mining, environmental non-compliance in the case, is not allowed to start production, environmental pollution is the most demanding environment, including air quality, pollution and dust pollution, in this under the circumstances, limiting the development of many mineral processing plant.


As the essential minerals processing equipment - Raymond mill, but also to pay attention to environmental protection. Raymond using traditional bag-type dust collector, this filter can handle general dust, but dust after treatment, there are still some that comes out, causing minor pollution, baghouse emission standards can be achieved only national general criteria can not be processed for use in the city.


Shanghai SAMCC After many technical improvements, the bag-type dust collector has been done up to the national emission standards for four requirements will minimize dust emissions, but still with the dollar standard difference a certain distance. Shanghai SAMCC engineer pulse dust by using the principles of investigation, based on the original pulse dust powder made significant improvements in the structure is advanced and reasonable, low injection pressure, good cleaning effect, maintenance workload small improved dust collection and quantitative, supporting the use of Raymond, after many experiments in several pilot, summed missing shortcomings in our test sites, day and night, would place unreasonable through technical improvements, as to be perfect. More than six months, through the efforts of several senior engineers struggle I finally designed a package for use in Raymond pulse dust dust emissions compliance requirements to install and use the perfect solution. Is the ideal pulse jet bag filter


The following is the installation of a pulse dust collector Raymond mill full set of equipment, tested, can be done without dust work to make workplaces clean, when workers to operate, can be produced without the need to wear a mask.


Shanghai SAMCC factory for many years, effort to develop a variety of Raymond mill, through the unremitting efforts of the peak, the Raymond mill to promote the industry to the country in various fields.