Raymond opportunity to help the new coal chemical industry best transformation

Time: 2015-01-26

In recent years, gas is gradually being replaced by natural gas, coupled with the impact of the haze, the National Energy Board issued "on regulating coal oil, coal and natural gas industry, scientific and orderly development of the notice", coal oil and gas projects is to obtain "Lutiao "The new force, the National Energy Board will further regulate coal-oil and gas industry, to prohibit the construction of an annual output of 2 billion cubic meters and below-scale coal-gas project and an annual output of 1 million tons and the following scale coal liquefaction project. This program can not help to promote the coal chemical industry, machinery industry has driven, large-scale application Raymond result.


  Coal chemical industry based on coal as raw material, Raymond first processed into flour, and then by the chemical processing of the coal into a gas, liquid and solid or semi-finished products, and then further processed into the process chemicals and energy products. In recent years, China's coal chemical industry has expanded rapidly in 2013 has been put into production in coal liquefaction project has reached 1.7 million tons of methanol production reached 29 million tons, 1.8 million tons of coal to olefins production, coal gas production and gas demonstration project has reached the 2.7 billion cubic meters, if you look at the provinces of coal chemical industry planning, a huge number of subsequent projects.


Extension of coal chemical industry chain may mean more profits and more tax revenue, employment, so the coal chemical industry has always been the coal companies and local governments aspire. The current situation in the coal industry is not good, of course, want to engage in business of coal chemical industry, China may be able to say "rich coal, less gas, lean," the energy reserves provides the basic conditions for the development of coal chemical industry and arguments, and plenty of coal and relative other energy prices relatively low cost of coal is the key to the competitiveness of coal chemical products, coal chemical industry can optimize the energy structure and ease the pressure on oil supply.


Recently the relatively low price of coal coal chemical industry makes more investment enthusiasm high, a sharp rise in sales of Raymond coal chemical industry in a new round of large industrial surplus seems to have new signs, investment rush, haze governance under the coal chemical industry, if there is not enough grasp of the market space and profits and do your homework, you may face more risks.


Development of China's coal chemical industry is favorable, the answer to this question depends on many commercial considerations and prerequisites, of course, the focus of the government's target for the coal industry, the tone of the country at the same time support the restrictions, however, that the government should make rational planning, although driven by other mining machinery industry, but more should be on the orderly development of coal chemical industry guidance, where to do, what products do careful planning on these two issues, total control.