What are maintenance methods of Dry grinding equipment

Time: 2015-01-26

Contact with dry grinding equipment friends all know that the device is not only bulky and expensive, but also requires the user during use, user maintenance, otherwise it will "disgruntled" affecting production. Then dry grinding equipment maintenance trapezoidal method mill, trapezium mill, etc., what does? The following is a detailed description of relevant content.


First, in the process of dry grinding equipment, it is best to let the operator provides fixed time care, in addition to requiring the operator to have a certain level of operational capability and, familiar trapezoid mill, trapezium mill and other equipment work principle and constitute structures, operating procedures. Before using the ore grinding machine, the operator also receive training from the best manufacturers of professional and technical personnel, more equipment and routine failure to understand the equipment and other solutions, which will help the operator to better operating dry grinding equipment and can promptly resolve some minor equipment failure.


Second, in order to ensure a dry grinding equipment capable of normal and stable work, during the development of the use of the best "equipment maintenance safe operation of the system," the operator also need to improve the necessary repair tools and grease. When the device is used for a period of time when the operator needs to overhaul equipment, especially mine trapezium mill roll grinding machine, trapezium mill and other equipment, grinding ring, blade and other wearing parts, need to be treated in accordance with the necessary degree of wear If wearing parts wear to a certain extent, the need for repair, when the degree of wear more serious, requiring users to be replaced to prevent the impact of normal operation.


Third, the dry mill lubrication mine equipment. Whether good lubrication directly affect the operation of the trapezoid mill, trapezium mill and other equipment as well as production, service life, etc., so the operator during operation of the device must ensure that the lubrication system equipment in good condition. Lubricated regularly check each node device to see what is not there an abnormal situation, and found that the problem would be solved in time. When they find a dry grinding equipment lubricant quality problems, it is necessary and timely replacement of good quality oil, which requires the user to purchase the lubricant needs attention to their quality.


Measure carefully maintained dry grinding equipment there are many issues to note that during the maintenance, there are many, which requires users to grasp these maintenance measures and need for attention, so as to reach the real maintenance trapezoid mill, trapezium mill the purpose machines and other equipment, thereby increasing the life of the equipment.